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Gold/Silver 12"
Gold/Silver 14"
Gold/Silver 16"
Gold/Silver 18"
Rose Gold 12"
Rose Gold 14"
Rose Gold 16"
Rose Gold 18"
Silver 12"
Silver 14"
Silver 16"
Silver 18"
Gold 12"
Gold 14"
Gold 16"
Gold 18"
Our classic diamond rolls royce collar is now available in the thinner and lighter design of 24mm. 
Ideal for smaller breeds such as frenchies, poodles, pugs and fur babies alike and bully pups too!
Collars measure about 1" in width and about 1 lb in weight.



*Please measure your dogs neck before ordering. Base measurement will achieve a snug look. For a hung look simply add 2 to 4 inches to your base measurement for your desired effect.* 

**A $10 restocking fee plus re-shipping charge will be required if you need to exchange for a different size.**

Important Note:

The Diamond Rolls Royce Collar is recommended for decorative use. Diamonds may fall off item is used as an everyday collar.  We highly recommend the item be used for shows, events, etc. only.

For your convenience, the collar comes with a diamond repair kit.